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Inspired by Nature

Our program consists of great hikes, art projects, games, fun and learning about our local plants and animals!  We hope to inspire kids with projects that will encourage your child to gain artistic and resourceful skills.

Typical Activities include:

  • Warm up exercise, stretching, yoga.

  • Daily hikes focusing on local plants and wildlife

  • Physically and mentally active games

  • Art projects

  • and more fun!

About Wild Ones Art Camp!

We are excited to offer a small and personal way to connect with nature and art this summer. Due to these unprecedented times we provide a small and fun group experience for all kids, especially for those who have been stuck inside on their computers unable to enjoy the outdoors and meet new kids!

Wild Ones Art Camp will help build your child's nature skills by getting them outdoors and helping them learn about different plants, animals, and patterns in nature. The days will be full of creativity and adventure where your child will achieve self awareness and confidence in the outdoors as well as through artistic expression. 

Daily  Activities

Our days will start at 9 am til  3 pm each session. We start the day with drop off at one of our amazing East Bay parks, each session features a week-long location that is specified in bookings and will be the same all week long. Camp leaders lead  hikes and morning games to get our bodies and minds moving. We learn about local plants and wildlife while engaging in discussions about our local ecosystems will be part of our daily routine. 

After lunchtime, we scheduled art projects  inspired by nature and conservation, often using found and recycled materials. We provide a wide variety of projects that will encourage your child gain artistic and resourceful skills.

Please view our gallery to see previous projects by kids!

Health and Safety

Buddy System 

Your camper will never be left alone! Small group sizes allow us to keep our eyes on the campers at all times. We always accompany campers to and from the bathroom and implement a buddy system to increase safety. 


Sunscreen & Bug spray 

Sunscreen and bug spray should be applied before the start of camp. Because we are outside all day both are very important to protect your child. Wild Ones Art Camp will provide extra bug spray and sunscreen for re-application throughout the day. 


Campers should come with a full water bottle every day. Wild Ones Art Camp will have plenty of fresh water available for refilling as needed. Parents are required to send their child with a lunch and snack each day.  Emergency snacks (no nuts, individual and pre-packaged foods only) will be provided by Wild Ones Art Camp. Balanced meals and good nutrition is highly encouraged at camp. Please no candy/sugary foods or drinks in snacks and lunches. A nutritious, balanced breakfast is highly recommended for the start of the day!

Allergies and Medicine 

If there are any campers with allergies attending Wild Ones Art Camp we will take the necessary precautions of a no allergens policy with all campers. Parents should notify Wild Ones Art Camp of any allergies and medications taken when signing up so we can be prepared for your camper. 

Weather and Clothing 

Weather appropriate clothing must be worn at all times. It is encouraged to send campers with extra layers "just in case" for hotter or cooler weather. 


Electronics (besides a digital or analog watch) are not allowed at camp. If any child has a cell phone for emergencies it must be kept in their backpack at all times. Individual exceptions may be made upon request.

CIT- Counselor in Training

We welcome kids ages 14 to 16 to join us for counselor in training.  WOAC's  Counselor-in-Training Program is designed to offer young people an opportunity to prepare for positions as camp counselors or recreation leaders. We will guide you in developing leadership skills, communicating  with children, and our outdoor's program skills. Please write us and let us know if you are interested our program.

"The kids have loved doing nature inspired art and exploring the parks with them this year.  Emile now proclaims "I love hikes", and the kids have learned to identify all kinds of plants and animals, and find art in every root, stem, leaf, flower and seed they find." 

- Sarah Hislen 

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