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Committed to Our Campers


Pamela Palma

Pamela Palma was born in Chile and spent her primary years in Argentina, where she was allowed to play outdoors, chasing snakes and building mud forts.  She attended the Academy of Art in San Francisco where she studied design and Photography. She's a professional photographer and her career spans over two decades.She loves photographing people and kids.

Throughout out that time, she has worked with children and making art. When she's not shooting, she spends her days outside exploring with camera in hand, capturing the people, the landscape and the colorful beauty in our lovely state of California.

Lastly, Pamela has CPR Certification.


Rebekah Cantor

Rebekah is a San Francisco native, where she has worked as a teacher for over 15years. She is also an artist, an environmental educator, and a Spanish language speaker. She graduated 

from Marlboro College in Vermont and later pursued her Masters in Education from 

the University of the Pacific. 

She has taught Spanish, Gardening and art at various local schools. 

She's known for using a variety of instructional strategies

and design hands on lessons in natural dyes, health and wellness, field ecology, photography, 

cooking, music and literature. 

Zohe Slack

Zohe grew up romping around East Bay Parks, which instilled a love and respect of the outdoors that she is excited to share with campers. She studied Ecology at UC Santa Cruz and through field journaling and drawing came to know many of CA's diverse ecosystems. Zohe loves making art (especially in miniature!) and spending time with kids, and has experience as a nanny and environmental educator. She is excited to be exploring alongside campers and help create an environment that fosters curiosity, creativity, and community in nature. 


Mandy Sanchez

Mandi Sanchez is originally from California but has lived with all over with her Army parents.  For the last 8 years she's been working as a Photographer with schools & youth sports leagues, for children's portraits at  Shooting Stars Productions & The Photo Guys. She also has many years of seasonal outdoor education with Trackers among other camps. She has a background in behavioral therapy. She loves being in nature and looks forward to sharing the love of the outdoors with children.

Currently, she's living and exploring the Mojave desert.

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